4 Android Apps That Allow You To Mark Specific Contacts As Important

Answer the PhoneHave you ever missed an important call because your phone was on silent or vibrate? Android, unlike BlackBerry OS, has no built-in way to force the your phone to have an audible ring for certain callers, despite being set to silent or vibrate mode. For BlackBerry users switching to Android, having the ability to override the default ring / notification behavior for specific users is a common request. Even if you are not a former BlackBerry user, this functionality can be useful and accomplished with no fewer than four apps in the Android Market.

A common theme among all of the apps is a whitelist which specifies which user’s calls will force your Android handset to have an audible ring, regardless of the actual setting.

AutoRing (Free)

A cool feature of AutoRing is that you can optionally have audible rings for your whitelist callers only after ‘x’ missed calls in ‘n’ amount of time. A colleague tells his wife that if it is urgent to call twice, as the first will be ignored if he is busy, however a second call will be answered regardless of what he is doing at that moment. Additionally, you can also have an audible ring with AutoRing for all callers if they repeat a call in a configurable time period. The aspect that makes AutoRing unique is its support for groups in your Google Address List.  Essentially you can say for this group of users, Work Colleagues, Family, Friends, or Kids and Spouse auto ring vs adding each contact individually.

No Missed Call (Free)

No Missed Call can notify of both SMS and missed calls. While the basic app is free there is a premium version that unlocks some additional features, however I have not looked into those features. You can add callers from your call list, call history, or explicit numbers. Call history is useful when you are dealing with a business where all outbound calls display as a single number, as that number is often not found in your actual call list.

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