iOS 8 Beta 3 can be Downloaded

Apple released the updated Beta version of its latest operating system, iOS 8. Latest update this is the third update to Apple’s operating system the future.

Previously, Apple has released iOS version 8 Beta on June 2, 2014 last. Update both released two weeks later. And the third beta update now re-launched in early July to fix a few bugs dab adding new items.

Reported by the site BGR (07/07/2014), iOS 8 Beta 3 is an improvement of two versions of previously released iOS 8, such as battery life, Bluetooth, support for media types, and other bugs.

Although this update is intended for developers to be able to test the application, but the general users can download to their personal smartphones respectively.

8 iOS beta 3 available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch compatible with the new software. The user can install it in over the air (OTA) or also downloaded from Apple’s developer portal.

However, please note that for the non-developer users who have been using iOS 8 beta 8, then by iOS 8 Beta 3 update will cause new problems in the software.

So it should be regular users (non-developers) to restore (roll back) the operating system iOS devices to version 7.1 in order to run smoothly.

The new general users are advised to install iOS 8 after officially released to the public.

To download and find out the change log in the iOS 8 Beta 3, you can visit the following link (

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