How to fix corruption Master Boot Record (MBR) on Windows 7

Self-Help Guide to Repair MBR (Master Boot Record) on Windows 7.


Sometimes one can corrupt their Windows’ (Master Boot Record) without even knowing, it can happen by anything a corrupted Flash drive, a new software that you installed or even rebooting your PC more than a particular number of times.

Windows Operating system is nothing but a set of instructions that load everything on your computer display such that you can interact with the machine in your own language; in the computer world we call it High Level Language (HLL).

errors-in-windows-7[Errors in Windows 7 Operating System]

So what should you do if you are getting and erroneous message on the screen, “Operating System no Found” or “Boot Sector Missing”. For many, first though would be, “Let’s just format the PC, everything would be sorted then”. But formatting PCs should always be limited if there are some other ways to solve the problem.

Well the way to solve Master Boot Record malfunctioning on Windows is to use utility named MbrFix.exe that can be run on PC using a Floppy Disk Drive or flash drive.

Step-By-Step Repair Mechanism in Master Boot Record

windows-7-operating-system[Windows 7 Operating System Startup]

You will need a Windows 7 DVD to accomplish this tutorial. I hope you have the original DVD if you running Windows 7.


1.       Insert the Installation DVD and let PC boot from the DVD Drive, If you are using an older PC you would have to change this from BIOS, Press F10 or DEL when system reboots, it will take you to BIOS settings from where you can change the Boot Device Options.

2.       Now choose your default “Language”, “Time” and “Keyboard Input” on the first Windows that appears on the Display Screen.

3.       If you have done everything above correctly you will see three options >> Click on “Repair your Computer” to get into System Recovery Window.

System Recovery tool in Windows 7 allows you to recover the previous files that might have been altered by installation of a new software, game or similar stuff. Sometimes mischievous viruses are cause of Master Boot Record Malfunction.

4.       Now once your System Recovery Windows is open, choose Command Prompt and run “bootsect.exe” which is located in boot folder so change your directory to boot.

5.       Now if you have a copy of previous Windows 7 OS installed in C partition run command “bootsect /nt60 C:” you can change C with other partitions if Windows was installed in other partitions.

6.       If you are unsure about which partition your OS is installed, use this alternative run command, type “”bootsect /nt60 SYS” or “bootsect /nt60 ALL” to repair OS installed in any partition in your hard disk drive.

7.       Eject the DVD >> Restart your PC >> your problem should have been sorted and computer should now boot from Windows 7.

Do let us know if you felt any problem while carrying out these simple instructions to repair master boot record on Windows 7.

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