How to make Windows 8 Look like windows 7

Among the factors that contributed to the high rate of use of Windows 8 is the theme how is not like the old to the classic restructure accustomed users of Windows for years, the thing that pushed many of the “window people” to refer to older versions of Windows, although that others find in this change large applause.
If you who are unfamiliar with the new form of Windows 8, these lines will help in best way to overcome your problems and begin first bypass the Metro interface and delete lists side.

Bypass the Metro interface and delete side lists for windows 8

If it is possible to bypass an interface metro after every time of trying to boot the Windows 8 over by clicking the button (windows) to enter the desktop, it is possible to bypass the metro interface and log directly to the Windows desktop, and it download software who is BTW very small an you will not pay attention to his work in your system.
metro interface
This software Skip Metro Suite does not function only to bypass the Metro interface, but also delete side lists if they bother you every time you move your mouse to the left or right. After downloading the program and it unzip it and then you will find an Icon on the desktop in the name of Skip Metro Suite Settings click on them and make sure the presence of the same options found on the image before clicking on the Save settings.
skip metro suite

skip metro suite

After the computer restarts you will notice tha you have bypassed the metro window and also the disappearance of the lists on your side. But if you just want to bypass the Metro interface while retaining the lists side, only then run the program again and delete the true mark of the apps switcher and drag-to-close and charms bar.
This may be successfully performed a task

get old Start menu back For windows 8

start 8

Since Windows 8 doesn’t have the classic Start menu , you can get it back very simply by using the software start8 after downloading This last one and install it also select try start 8 been in the interface of the official program mark on the ‘flag’ as in the picture, and so you are finished as well as to add the Start menu similar to Windows 7.


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