VMware woos power users and IT pros with Fusion and Workstation upgrades

Windows XP, 7, and 8.1 running on Fusion 6 for Mac.

VMware has generally played second fiddle to Parallels in the market for running Windows virtual machines on the Mac, an arena largely consisting of home users. But VMware has never been an also-ran in the enterprise, where its top-notch server and desktop software has made the virtualization vendor a giant for most of its 15-year history.

The company began merging its enterprise chops with its consumer virtualization tools one year ago with a professional version of Fusion, its software for running Windows and other operating systems on OS X. The pro version has all the same capabilities as the base Fusion platform, along with tools for IT shops to securely provision virtual machines to employees and contractors.

With Fusion 6, a new product that’s being announced today, VMware is making Mac virtualization even more IT-friendly. VMware today is also releasing version 10 of Workstation, the desktop virtualization platform designed for power users on Windows and Linux. Notably, Workstation now has a virtual accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and ambient light sensor. This will make it easier for developers to test applications on Windows 8 tablets.

Source fromhttp://www.techtips.biz