Windows 8.1 Launched in October


Computer users are waiting for the presence of Windows 8.1 should be re endure. Time the launch of the successor to the Windows 8 operating system is rumored to be shifted to the next two months.

Previously, strong rumored Microsoft Windows 8.1 will be introduced no later than the end of August. Revealed a number of alleged reasons postpone the announcement of Microsoft Windows 8.1 was caused by the discovery of a bug that bothered.

Even so, as reported by Engadget, Microsoft will still throw Windows 8.1 version RTM (Release To Manufacture) to the OEM by the end of this month. The reason, to help finalize the process before finally launched Windows 8.1 and finding new bugs that may still be hidden.

As is known, one of the most complained thing in Windows 8 is the start button is suddenly removed. Now, it was restored in the Windows 8.1.

But keep in mind, the function of the start button in Windows 8.1 will seem different to ever exist on the Windows 7 and earlier.

When clicked, the user will be taken to the start screen, and here you can see a list of applications or can also search for the app name in the search box.

In addition, at a glance it does not much has changed, Microsoft still maintains  Modern UI (display boxes) as the default interface of Windows 8.1. But this interface will be made more friendly to keyboard and mouse

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