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While many people have their eyes on the latest and greatest flagships, the Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8, the LG G3 etc, some of us just want something a little less extravagant. The technology crammed into those devices isn’t always necessary for every user. Not all of us need a smartphone with the a thousand pixels per inch, exmor R camera sensors, octa-core processors and ultra slim, waterproof bodies. Some of us just want a nice smartphone at a decent price, so here are our favorite smartphones for under 200 USD.

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These are the best 5 smartphones for under 200 dollars. / © ANDROIDPIT

Motorola Moto G (2014)

It may have only just been released a few days ago, but the Moto G 2014 is undoubtedly one of the best budget Android smartphones available. In fact, it’s near unbeatable. A 5-inch HD screen, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera, the new Moto G improves upon the previous iteration in all of the most important areas while maintaining a price low. When you compare it to the others on our list, it’s outright winner in almost all areas. The 2nd generation Moto G is available on Amazon now for 179.99 USD. Be sure to read our hands on Motorola Moto G 2014 review.

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The new Moto G is probably the best Android smartphone available at a sub-200 dollar price. / © ANDROIDPIT

Asus Zenfone 4

Not only is Asus the craftsman behind an interesting new smartwatch, the Asus ZenWatch, it also built the Zenfone 4. It’s a compact device, in the true sense, with a 4-inch display at 233 ppi. It comes with 8 GB internal storage space which can be upgraded up to a further 64 GB thanks to its microSD card slot. It’s perhaps not the prettiest smartphone, and the screen is lackluster, but for performance, full HD video recording, and decent battery life, the Zenfone 4 is a good option, and can be found for around 155 USD on

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The Zenfone 4 by Asus is small and slim. / © Asus

Sony Xperia M

If you can live without your selfies, (the Xperia M has a measly 0.3 MP camera) then the Xperia M might just be your thing. Dual-core 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, sleek design and expandable memory. It can’t quite live up to others in the Xperia range, of course, and only runs Android 4.3 out of the box. But the battery life is decent, and the Xperia M can be found for under 150 USD on Amazon.

As is the case with many budget smartphones, style is sometimes compromised for functionality. / © AndroidPIT

HTC Desire 610

At the time of writing, the HTC Desire 610 is available on Amazon for 199.99 USD with free shipping, and this is a real deal. Overlooking the relatively weak camera and screen, in terms of performance the desire 610 is great. It’s sturdily built, but light, despite the large bezels, and if you can’t afford the jump to the LG G2 mini at around 230 USD, you will find a lot to enjoy with the Desire 610. It follows a similar design ethic to that of the HTC One range, with a 4.7 inch display, front-facing speakers with HTC’s BoomSound technology and an 8 MP rear camera with autofocus. It’s definitely worth a look.

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HTC’s devices are known for having impressive speakers and camera technology. / © HTC

Motorola Moto G

And we are back to another Moto G. Despite approaching its first anniversary, the original Moto G is still one of the best budget devices on Android. Quite how Motorola managed to achieve what it did when it first went on sale is still amazing, and with the introduction of the newest version of it at IFA 2014, the older Moto G is likely to see a price drop in the near future, but it is currently selling on Amazon for 159.99 USD.

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The original Moto G is still one of the most impressive budget phones to date. / © ANDROIDPIT

The bottom line is, if you don’t really care about looks, then there aren’t many reasons to look past Motorola. The latest Moto G is head and shoulders above the non-Motorola phones on our list, but the original still outshines them in many areas too.

What do you think is the best smartphone for under 200 USD?


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